Northern Lights Tour and Aurora Borealis Travel Guide

Guide for Northern Lights Tour – Aurora Borealis

  • northern lights tour
    OS asked:

    We are hoping to go there from Toronto (maybe April best time??) cos we’d like to see the northern lights and also experience it up there.
    Has anyone gone there with a reputable company? Anything you’d recommend?

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  • northern lights tour
    atlbluecirce asked:

    Given the awesome flight deals to Iceland, I’m flying in early March to Reykjavik for a week. I searched for average temperatures, but am having trouble finding specific advice regarding clothing/backpacking advice/etc.

    I’m a female traveling solo, so I’ll probably just carry a pack. I don’t want to carry something too small, but the idea of lugging some giant 40 liter thing on my back for just 7 days doesn’t seem that practical, either.

    Does anyone have specific advice on types of clothing? Waterproof, windproof? Types of boots so I don’t slip and make an a$$ of myself and/or look like some horrid American cartoon?

    Besides the main hostel, any advice on best places to stay to meet other people in their mid/late 20′s? I’m ok with roughing it for a few days, but not sure about uncomfy beds and beer funneling all night. A quiet hotel may be a better option, but it’d be nice to meet some fellow travelers to hit the bars with for a night or two.

    Places to see besides Blue Lagoon? Best tours for Northern Lights?

    Any info appreciated…thank you!! : )

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  • northern lights tour
    o1_northern_lights_au_o1 asked:

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  • northern lights tour
    Jason F asked:

    I’m going to the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden around Christmas time and I am planning to book a Northern Lights snowmobile tour that goes out at night. I’m just curoius how that works. Is the countryside completely dark at night or is there enough reflection from the snow in the sky or moonlight to light up the landscape a little bit?

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  • northern lights alaska
    Corporate Mom asked:

    I was telling my husband that I would love to see the Northern Lights sometime in my lifetime. He said that although they are beautiful, they are extremely dangerous because if you are outside watching them you get exposed to toxic levels of solar radiation. Can someone who lives in Alaska or someplace that sees them tell me if this is true?

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  • northern lights alaska
    kmack asked:

    I have been wanting to go see the Northern Lights and I know that Sept/Oct and March are the best times to go, however, I am not sure where in Alaska to go? Any advice welcomed.

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  • northern lights alaska
    dookie asked:

    Hi everyone,

    Im going to be spending the next couple of years working in the United States and Canada, arriving in June.

    I have always wanted to see the northern lights, and will have the chance to go to Alaska in the winter. Is there a particular time when the northern lights happen? or will i be able to see them anytime i go up there?


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  • northern lights alaska
    ~Aurora~ asked:

    One of the things on my list of things to do before I die is to see the Northern Lights (aurora borealis)
    If I vacation in northern Alaska for 2 weeks will I see them?
    What time of the year is best?

    Thanks!! =]

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  • northern lights alaska
    Allan Z asked:

    Im interested in visiting Alaska sometime during the Spring, and was wondering if the Northern Lights could be seen around that time of the year. Also, are there particular spots in Alaska that are great for viewing them or could be frequently seen? Thanks!

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  • northern lights alaska
    Sally [= asked:

    If so, where in alaska? Is there a certain time of year when it’s best to go see them?

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