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  • How often do the northern lights occur?

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    Jim - asked:

    Can they be forcasted?, which is the best place for viewing them? I’ve heard Fairbanks, Alaska offers one of the better views. I think it would be really neat to see them.

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  1. i saw them on and off in michigan when i was young. yes the best place is north in alaska they are shown there quite frequently i think. they are pretty and lovely and its facinating to see it. somehting one can not imageine that God has let us see. i don’t think you can see them from texas.

  2. Maybe some of the info from wikipedia will help…

  3. Donkeypunch Home Edition said on

    I live in Yellowknife NWT Canada, and believe it or not, its a hot spot for tourism in the winter because of the Aurora. U of Alaska has a sight that tells you current activity but they are very hard to predict.

  4. cyborg2587410 said on

    yep alaska is the best place. yea the people in NASA can see when the northern light are going to happen, cause they see the solar flare coming. Solar flares come from the sun, so they watch the sun, when a solar flare happen and its coming our way they just time how long its gonna take.

  5. Their occurence is unpredictable, depending as it does on solar activity. They are quite rare at present because we’re at the 11-year low spot in solar activity. They are more frequent the closer you get to the magnetic pole, which is in far northeastern Canada. Alaska is probably the best place in the USA, but they get more and more frequent as you go east and north across Canada.

  6. I saw them in Alberta, Canada as a kid. They were amazing. At the time I didn’t think so, but now look back and realize how truly remarkable they are.

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