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  • what is the best way to travel to see the northernlights in alaska?

    northern lights alaska
    beekeeper asked:

    I really want to go up to see the northern lights in alaska in december. Ive not done much travelling abroad and I dont know where to start.I want to fly from london. does anyone know what the best and cheapest flights are the coolest place to go and see them from? any suggestions would be great!

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3 Responses to “what is the best way to travel to see the northernlights in alaska?”

  1. sonics_best_nigg said on

    by plane if you in china

  2. Girl Interrupted said on

    you can also buy northern lights in amsterdam….

  3. theres a tour company that organises flight to see teh phenomena, i think it goes from luton airport, and the flight lasts 3 or 4 hours.

    try; aurora. northern lights trips UK in google

    a cheaper option is goto northern scotland, or where they have incredible photos.

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