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    Stanley asked:

    Can you see the Northern lights in Alaska around August/September time? How many hours is it dark for in them two months?


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  1. No, only seen from Oct to Mar,

    4hr in anchorage area

  2. Glacierwolf said on

    Tom C above is an idiot.

    Some of my best shots have been taken the first week of September in the Fairbanks area.

    I am a professional aurora photogrpher – you can see some of my work at In the ‘News’ section is a 13 page guide to the aurora and photography, plus links to many government sites dealing with the northern lights.

    Alaska is a huge place – it takes two days to fly from one side to the other. How much nighttime depends on what city you are in.

    The aurora happens every day, 24/7 – how visible it is depends on sunspots an solar flares. Currently we are in a solar minum and decent auroras have been few and far between this year. In a few years it will get better.

    Hope this helps!

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