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    Krissy asked:

    Can I see northern lights from my home in Missouri? I know they are best seen in Alaska but is it ever possible to see them here?

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  1. Friggin' Ninja said on

    No, I’m sorry, but you are too far South. There are only a few great places to view them, including Northern Scotland, Greenland, and, of course, Alaska.

  2. I would assume yes. I know people won’t believe me but I actually saw northern lights here in Florida in the middle of this year. I have pictures to prove it. It wasn’t as extreme as you see in Alaska but it was “Northern Lights” none the less.

  3. I used to see them on family trips to Northern Michigan, they were neat! But they cannot be seen from anywhere much farther south than that, sorry.

  4. said on

    I think it is POSSIBLE…but highly unlikely.
    We see them once in a while in mid-Wisconsin…but we’re hundreds of miles farther north.

  5. It is possible, ” Northern Lights” are solar winds that are bouncing off our ozone layer. how ever its not as likely because of your longitude/ latitude.

  6. The Northern (and Southern) Lights are produced by charged particles from the sun (solar wind) colliding with Earth’s magnetosphere. During periods of intense solar output, such as the one in the 1800′s, the northern Lights were seen as far south as Hawaii. So you may in fact, one day see the northern lights in Missouri. However, such solar storms can can fry the circuits in electronic objects. Thankfully these storms are relatively rare and don’t happen too often.

  7. There no Northern Light in Missouri that I been in Missouri. Some of my friend just see the Northern Light in North of New York. It so beautiful and you can see in the sky without storm or cloudy. In Canada, Alaska, North Pole, Greenland and North of Europe, there has mostly Northern Light in the Night Sky. New York get Northern Light are very rare while Winter Season. Northern Light will be in the Sky by Coldest Degree by 5 and below. Northern Light has many many different of color (Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange) how beautiful it is. One day you can see Northern Light by North in the Earth.

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