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  • Has anyone seen the Northern Lights, here in seen Alaska?

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    Chelle C asked:

    I have lived here for two years and only seen them twice. Any good place to see them. I live in the Fairbanks area.

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2 Responses to “Has anyone seen the Northern Lights, here in seen Alaska?”

  1. GRANITEDEMON said on

    I see them all the time, and I live in EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA…they are usually above my house at like 1 am.

  2. David in Kenai said on

    Our au pair was in Fairbanks last month and saw them several times. I’ve seen them in Fairbanks several times and I’m not there that often in winter.

    I’ve twice seen the whole sky green with them. Once east of Fairbanks and the other time south of Whitehorse.

    The biggest factor for seeing the aurora is to be outside. Walk the dog at night, talk a long drive. Even nights that have great displays might only have them for 30 minutes or so. If you’re not out and about at those times, you’ll miss it. I see far more in the years that I’ve made a habit of hiking in the dark early and late or when I’ve had a long, dark commute into Anchorage. Being out is a bigger factor than solar activity during a particular year or night.

    But, of course, there are more auroras some nights than others. Check out:
    for a forecast each day (tonight Dec 21st, looks great!) and make a point of sticking your head outside during those times.

    You’ll see more and they’ll look better with darker skys. So try to get away from the city lights. Also, Fairbanks can get ground fogs in the winter and getting up on a little hill or driving 5 miles out of town can give you clear skys. (it’s also often 15 F warmer up the hill due to Fairbanks inversion layers in winter).

    Lastly, let your friends know you want to see them. Ask them to call your cell phone when they see some. I do that when they are good down here. When they are really spectacular, it seems everyone’s phone lists intersect in just a few minutes.

    Hope that helps.

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