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  • Where is the best place(s) on earth to view the northern lights?

    northern lights alaska
    janos k asked:

    I have seen them in green but i always see those calenders of red, pink, blue..northern lights in alaska and stuff. Can these multi-colour(non-green) northern lights be viewed outside of alaska as well?

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4 Responses to “Where is the best place(s) on earth to view the northern lights?”

  1. robgently said on

    Oh yes.

    I was in Montana, and got to see the night sky light up do to the Northern Lights, we got lucky enough for an unusually strong burst of it.

  2. hightimes907 the 420 Atheist said on

    yes they can be viewed in other places. i am from anchorage, alaska and know of seeing them anywhere around the northern hemisphere and even in antartica. They are known as the aurora borealis

  3. Time travler said on

    My husband has seen them in North Dakota too, but to see the best it would have to be Alaska in the winter time.

  4. First of all, this is the wrong year to be looking for aurora. We’re at the minimum of solar activity, and there hasn’t been a major aurora for a couple of years.

    Aurorae are more frequent the closer you get to the magnetic pole, which is located in far northeastern Canada. So, the farther north and east you go, the more frequent they are.

    I’ve seen red aurorae quite frequently in southern Ontario and Quebec. I once even saw it in downtown Toronto.

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