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    livin43in1 asked:

    My friends and I are now thinking of going to Alaska instead since we only have 1 week of vacation time and we’d be too rushed in Europe. We’re thinking of traveling between 5/16 and 5/24.

    1) What are the chances we’d get to see the Northern Lights?
    2) If we can, where would be the best place to stay while in Alaska so we can enjoy other activities during the days but isn’t too far from an airport that it’d cost a fortune just to fly in there?

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  1. lindajune said on

    The aurora are best seen around spring equinox (March-April), but can be seen anytime.
    There are only a few airports in Alaska (Anchorage and Fairbanks), but most other places can be reached by the Alaskan bush-plane.

    Check out their website:

  2. Glacierwolf said on

    I really wish only people who had a clue would answer questions on YA. The lady above is off her rocker. Alaska has more airports and small planes than any other state! Duh.

    I am a professional Alaskan Aurora Borealis and Wildlife photographer – you can see some of my work at

    Two things cause the aurora – solar flares and sun spots. We are in the middle of a dead time for sunspots and seeing the aurora has been fee and far this winter. Solar flares are unpredictable.

    March 16-24 would be a great time to visit the Fairbanks area. Traditonally this is a good time to see the aurora, nights are no longer bitter cold, but there is allot of other things happening. The NAOC sled dog races that start in the middle of town are a real hoot, and, the International Ice Carving Festival is in full swing. Caribou can be found not far from town – there are plenty of other things to do and see that time of year.

    The same thing that creates the aurora also damages communications satellites. From my web site you can link to government web sites that will send you an email warning when the aurora is going to happen. Just set your notification for a K3 event or higher. Getting this notification by email and looking over the other linked sites I have sure beats sticking your head out the hotel door every hour or so!

    Feel free to ask my any of your Alaska questions. Be happy to help out.


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