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  • Does Southern Alaska Get The Northern Lights?

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    Wolf.Ethriien asked:

    I was wondering for places like Central Alaska and Southern Alaska. Fairbanks, Homer, Palmer, Skwentna, and Anchorage. I was wondering if they had the Northern Lights. Does anybody know?
    Thank you!!

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6 Responses to “Does Southern Alaska Get The Northern Lights?”

  1. i think you can see the northern lights in central and northern alaska only
    but im pretty sure its only in the winter

  2. The Italian Guy said on

    This quirk is actually fairly convenient for would-be aurora watchers.

    It means that locations in the Fairbanks, Homer, Palmer, Skwentna, and Anchorage Northern Lights were centered on the North Geographic Pole and the Southern Alaska

    Contrary to popular beliefs seeing the Northern Lights isn’t just a matter of heading “north.”

    Can watch at their most dazzling from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest

  3. Yes, every part of the state can see “northern lights”. Anywhere above the arctic circle in the winter will see them much more often, but even people in Kodiak get a good glimpse every now and then.

  4. yes…you can see the nothern lights in all Canada and most of the northern states.

  5. We live in Palmer and our favorite place to watch the Northern Lights is out of our living room window! The lights are always out but sometimes clouds, rain, snow, etc., gets in the way and you can’t see them. Sometimes on spectacular visiblity nights we bundle up and go out to the nearby farmland and watch them. That way we are away from all man-made lights and we can have a 360 view of the Northern Lights.

  6. Glacierwolf said on

    I am a professional Alaskan nature photographer. You can read or download my 13 page guide to the Alaskan Northern Lights from the News Section of my web site, You will also find links to several official government and university web sites for informaiton and aurora borealis discussions!

    The Northern Lights are caused by CME’s (solar flares) and coronal holes (sunspots). When a coronal hole is pointed at the earth – we get the lights – these can be predicted. The most spectacular northern lights are from CME’s and these are not predictable – except for a 4-6 hour notice.

    Who gets to see the northern lights depends on how large the event is. Back in Nov 2004 we had a CME that was the 3rd largest recorded in history – the lights could be seen as far south as Texas and Hawaii.

    Generally, Fairbanks is the best place for visiting and having a better chance at seeing them than any other place. If you are too far north during an event – it passes totally over you! Too far south and no show. Fairbanks is just right. Many of the other communities have issues with weather during the winter – with 90% cloud cover each night – many times the lights happen and the residents don’t have a clue.

    Hope this helps!

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