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  • Where is the best place in Alaska to view the Northern Lights?

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    Allan Z asked:

    Im interested in visiting Alaska sometime during the Spring, and was wondering if the Northern Lights could be seen around that time of the year. Also, are there particular spots in Alaska that are great for viewing them or could be frequently seen? Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Where is the best place in Alaska to view the Northern Lights?”

  1. Favorite destinations for viewing this phenomenon include Denali National Park and anywhere in Fairbanks.

  2. Spring? you must be here before March 30 to see it, the more northward, the more chance you will see it, but not in metro area.

  3. I live in Palmer, AK and my favorite spot to watch the Northern Lights is from my living room window! Fairbanks is a good place. In fact, Asian folks think that if you conceive a baby during the Northern Lights the baby will have a long and prosperous life. So, many hotels host special rates to draw in the crowds.

  4. Glacierwolf said on


    I am a professional Alaskan nature photographer. I have a free 13 page guide to viewing and photographing the Northern Lights on my web site, in the News section.

    Fairbanks and north are best – starting about the 1st week of September through the end of March. I advise people to come to Fairbanks the first week of March – it has been historically a good time to view, the weather is good for viewing, and they have the International Ice Carving Festival and dog sled races going on. The ice festival is a good photo op both day and nightime. This time frame works great because if the northern lights are not happening – you still have things to see and do.

    Feel free to email me any questions.


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