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  • I’m going to Reykjavik in Iceland 12th-15th September and want to do some excursions?

    northern lights tour
    gemdu asked:

    Is it best to book before we fly out or while we are there?

    If I am to book before, can anyone recommend any websites to use?

    Also I am really desperate to see the Northern Lights… does anyone know a company that operate those tours during my dates?

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One Response to “I’m going to Reykjavik in Iceland 12th-15th September and want to do some excursions?”

  1. Reykjavík Excursions is the major tour operator there, and the one my hotel concierge recommended.

    Iceland Excursions is the other one i know of.

    you can book before you get there, but it’s just as easy to book at the airport, bus station, or even after you get to your hotel through the front desk or online.

    when you book a tour, a small van goes around to most hotels and picks people up to take them to the main bus station, which is where all tours go out of, so it’s literally door-to-door service. they seem to run a pretty tight excursion industry in Reykjavík.

    btw, i think september might be too early to see the Northern Lights. more like november and during the winter. but check with the tour operators.

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