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    Emily asked:

    I plan to go to Alaska to see the northern lights this thanksgiving and I want to join local tours. I found some agencies such as,, and northern Alaska tour company (I think it is the biggest one.). Did anyone join the tour? Can anyone recommend it?

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  1. patopearl said on

    Hi there, i’m sourcing for tours to Alaska too. Looking to go year end. So i’m in the same boat :) ) Found any luck ??

  2. Arthur R said on

    This should help. I did my own travel arraingments last year and traveled in a motorhome for over five months. My wife & I loved it.

    Watch yourself, we found a few operators who were new and didn’t have all their ducks in a row. On the average most of them are honest, some just inexperianced.


  3. I am so lucky in that I can just look out my living room window and see the Northern Lights! However, keep in mind that while they are always out you might not be able to see them due to cloudy conditions, rain, or snow. Did you know that a lot of Asian folks come to Alaska in the wintertime because they believe that if they conceive a child under the Northern Lights that means the child will be lucky and prosperous? I hope you do see them as it is an amazing show of Mother Nature!

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