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  • What should we do on a 3 night break to Reykjavik?

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    RacheyJ asked:

    We have booked a 3 night trip to Iceland staying in Reykjavik. Our trip includes an evening tour to (hopefully!) see the Northern Lights but we are wondering how else to spend the rest of our time there. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “What should we do on a 3 night break to Reykjavik?”

  1. Try to stay warm.

  2. urbanspaceman said on

    personally i`d just go with the flow-the best way to enjoy your visit.

  3. go to the Blue Lagoon, Pingvillier Park, look for geysers, drive to the glacier

  4. timaritabox said on

    Here are some ideas I think would be worth considering:

    The Blue Lagoon – it´s not that far from Reykjavík.
    Walk the Laugavegur shopping street in downtown Reykjavík. Maybe walk down from Hallgrímskirkja church.
    Go swimming in the Laugardalslaug swimming pool.
    Eat a hot dog in the Bæjarins Bestu Pylsur hot dog stand near the harbor.
    Feed the ducks (seagulls) at Tjörnin, the pond and go inside the City Hall and view the giant 3D map of Iceland.
    Of course there are a lot of museums worth visiting, for example the national history museum.
    If you want to go outside Reykjavík for a day go drive “the Golden Circle” Gullfoss-waterfall, Geysir-geyser and Þingvellir-national park.
    And just walk around downtown!

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