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  • Has anyone been to Churchill Canada to see the Northern Lights?

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    Smurfett asked:

    Can anyone suggest a tour/s to see this in Churchill, Canada??

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8 Responses to “Has anyone been to Churchill Canada to see the Northern Lights?”

  1. No, but that is something that I would like to do in the future.
    I have a lot of saving to do because my list is growing of things I would like to see and do before I get too old to do it.

  2. hilarywow said on

    you should be able to see them. Just go outside and look up! It is usually easier to see them in the winter

  3. Rockin' Mel S said on

    There are polar bear tours in Churchill Manitoba.

    I’ve seen them on T.V. but never been there:

  4. Barbados Chick said on

    In case you did not know, you do not need to go to Churchill to see the Northern Lights but perhaps you just wanted to know who had gone to churchill?? :0)
    Most places in Canada, on a clear summer night, you will be able to see the Northern Lights and what a beautiful sight. However, the farther north you go, the bigger the show.

  5. scubabob said on

    I’ve been, but it was for the bears. I can see the Northern lights from just north of Toronto, no problem, when they are active.
    There’s no way you’ll find a tour that caters to strictly northern light watching, in any event. It all depends on the sun’s solar activity that day and isn’t exactly as predictable as the weather. Generally, you’ll have a better chance on a year with greatest sunspot activity, but this happens once every 11 years.

  6. Purrfectly Normal said on

    No, but I have seen them elsewhere!

  7. oighrig said on

    If you’re going to Churchill, the main attraction is the Polar bear tours they give. While it’s true that Churchill has one of the highest concentrations of Aurora activity, you can still see the Northern Lights all across Canada. However, they are pretty difficult to predict esp. long-range. You have a better chance of seeing them in the winter months, but they can occur any time of year – hopefully you’ll get to see them! If you really want to get into it, here’s a very scientific page about viewing and predicting the lights. It all has to do with solar flares.

    Here are a few places to check out also:

    And really, all you need to view the Northern Lights is a big open sky;-) In the part of the country where I live we used to drive out to a big dam to view them there. Locals could probably tell you the best areas in Churchill.

  8. Kelly C said on

    You don’t have to go to Churchill to see the Aurora Borealis, I see it all of the time here in Northern Ontario and all over Canada..=%22Canada’s%20aurora%20borealis%22
    Forecasts of the Aurora etc..

    Here are some tours of Northern lights in Canada…

    You should see them… it is something that can never be forgotten it is soo beautiful and magical.

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