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  • Which country is best to view the Northern Lights?

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    hooops asked:

    I am looking to travel to either Alaska or Iceland and would like to do a tour for about 10 days. I am a photographer and want to get some good shots!

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5 Responses to “Which country is best to view the Northern Lights?”

  1. Iceland

    or if you can get to norway that would be good aswell

  2. SoulRider said on

    Yukon of Northwest territory, Canada.

  3. Gertrud S said on

    iceland, as there are just so many motives for sensational
    lappland ( northern finland ) because the minority group of
    lappen also would provide you with photo moties without end

  4. I think Norway,Finland,Russia,Canada and DEnmark

  5. tron.quito said on

    Any country that is INSIDE THE ARCTIC CIRCLE.. you DO KNOW where the arctic circle is.. right?

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