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  • I want to view the Northern Lights?

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    misery asked:

    My husband has said he wants to take me to see the Northern lights for my 40th birthday present. We would like to view them in Iceland but are having difficulty finding a tour operator, can any one help?

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  1. they nice in blackpool

  2. Marty K said on

    I could maybe give it a try, although I don’t have any experience, honestly.

  3. said on

    I’ve seen the Northern Lights in Fairbanks as well as crossing the atlantic from a plane. This is absolutely something that everyone has to do in their lifetime — absolutely awesome!

  4. said on

    isnt that a tv programme?

  5. TIMOTHY D L said on

    Partially escorted tour.

    For viewing the Northern Lights and discovering the wonders of Icelandic winter, there are few areas better than Lake Mývatn. During this excursion we have the adventure of staying in the countryside, far away from city lights.


  6. quinn_nelson said on

    mmmm not sure but also try northern Canada…..theyt also have good light shows

  7. Blackbird said on

    You do know that they are not there all the time don’t you? It depends on the time of year and weather conditions?
    Only saying in case you were expecting that you would definately see them.

  8. colin050659 said on


  9. If you want a great view, head to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

    My wife took to me to stay in the Ice Hotel in Kiruna for my 40th, and we had the most amazing time. not only was the ice hotel a life moment, we took ski-doo’s on a tour through the woods to stop on a frozen lake and just looked in awe at the northern lights playing above our heads. Just amazing.

    If you want to fly to iceland, try for flights.

  10. Bob the Boat said on

    Hi >
    I’ve heard that Thomas Cook are doing a bit of a special to Iceland soon, when they turn of the city lights to get a goodly view of the spectacle.
    It is via Norway, and not cheap, but having done it a few years ago, it was worth it.
    Northen Scotland is an option, though.

    All the best for your birthday,


  11. Caicos Turkey said on

    I have been to Iceland twice and had a fantastic time, using Iceland Air. Website:.

  12. nothing compares to northern ontario

  13. I have seen tours in my local paper, but i guess you may not live near me?? please add you details what area are you from or near? dont pinpoint your area just roughly!

  14. robert d said on

    I don’t know about Iceland but a visit to Finnish Lapland is highly recommended.
    Ryanair do cheap flights to Finland.Turku or Roveniemi are the ideal destinations.I would also suggest that doing the trip independently rather than through an agent will save you a fortune.
    As per another respondee,you will only see the Northern Lights (Arora Borealis) when it is cold.
    Have a great Birthday.

  15. thE sOUrcE said on

    You can see them from the very North of Scotland. You could combine your trip with the beautiful city of Edinburgh, St Andrews the home of Golf, the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, eating the tastiest salmon on the planet and wiling your evenings away in pleasant pubs sipping the finest single malt ever distilled!

  16. ohhhdear said on

    The most awesome display of the Northern Lights I have ever seen was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in late August. We were near a lake and sat and watched them develop from small filaments of blue and green to huge shimmering multi-colored sheets and ribbons that reflected on the water. They were so bright we could read the newspaper.

    Iceland would be beautiful in its own right though, with or without the Northern Lights! Hug your hubby for being such a sweetheart.

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