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  • Aurora Borealis & Waiting For You

    Tena46 asked:

    Watch beautiful Aurora Borealis movies with ‘Waiting For You’ song playing in the background.

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19 Responses to “Aurora Borealis & Waiting For You”

  1. longloststar said on

    thanks for the posted !! i love it .. and so touching. Remind me so much of my bf, who is far far away .. and probably watching this beautiful light while thinking of me.. i only heard this from him, now i could see how beautiful it is…hope i could have a chance to see it in real

    xxLUAxx, Lynn.

  2. everthine76 said on

    a place I would want to go before I die.. amazing and breathtaking

  3. apgcovilili said on

    Precioso video!!.

    Todas las estrellas.

  4. supermoo22 said on

    oh my, i have always wanted to go and see that, i have to say it is my dream to see that, we have been planing to see it for a while now and i just cant wait!

  5. 1supergirl17 said on

    one thing i have to say: wooow…!

  6. slavkakerdova said on

    Beautiful…I like it…very very:-)


  8. oldarizona said on

    Simply wonderful!
    Thanks for having posted

  9. Thank you Sunbeam, I’m so glad you and lilcm4 enjoyed the video…T

  10. xxxSunbeamxxx said on

    This is just gorgeous. I watch it today and it reflects something of my inner spirit. Thanks to lilcm4 for having this on favourite – so I could find it!! :) Now it’s on my fav’s too…maybe someone will find it from me too – passing on the beauty :) Sunbeam :)

  11. Wow, this was beautiful…I absolutely loved it. Have a great weekend! Lilcm4

  12. nbharakey said on

    Wonderful Nature.

  13. blusojourn said on

    such a beautiful song with the gorgeous aurora borealis. Awesome. Peace

  14. Thank you, Rafael..T

  15. Fagapperd14 said on

    Wonderful video-music Tena. I really enjoyed.

  16. Thank you okkerseg, and thank’s for taking the time to comment…T

  17. okkerseg said on

    Tena46, this is very beautiful, song and video are perfect together, thank you:))

  18. I’m so glad you enjoyed it…T

  19. scalpsie said on peaceful and dreamy…ahh…thanks for the post! Well done. :)

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