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  • Video of Aurora Borealis from Greenland ( Northern Lights )

    Pictures in the video were taken from Greenland in December 2007. A Canon EOS 40-D was used to take these stunning pictures.

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24 Responses to “Video of Aurora Borealis from Greenland ( Northern Lights )”

  1. you2bmind said on

    Assilisatit torraaqaat. Ilittulli isinginnaarlugit ilukkut eqqissinartaqaaq

  2. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Easy question to answer:
    You have to use long exposure to catch aurora with a kamera… It’s hard to get good recording with a video-camera.. That just doesn’t work..

  3. fapplesauce said on

    not trying to criticize, but why are all the aurora youtube posts mostly just slideshows of photographs?? why dont i ever see actual video? just curious

  4. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Hi Kazekane,
    Thanks alot, and yes you should go see how beautiful it is in real. I was out last night and watched it again, it was very intense and the activity was WOOOOOW I wish you were there to see it with your own eyes.

  5. Kazekane said on

    A definetly must see while I’m alive.
    I’m pleased with your taste in music and combination with pics :)

  6. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Hi and thanks for your nice comment :)
    Greenland is the best place on mother earth if you ask me… Beautiful place.. peacefull… I couldn’t live elsewhere

  7. akseli88 said on

    What a marvelous video!!! Thank you so much for these really beautiful images, Greenland must be a truly wonderful country, even though living there mustn’t be so fabulous… or not?

  8. Fredozsu said on

    Thanks!! Can’t really imagine how they actually look in real… They’re beautiful

  9. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Hi, and thanks :) They move like waves on the sea… the waves can be fast or slow… yeah it’s realy realy beautiful

  10. Fredozsu said on

    WOW!!! I’m speechless. I can’t even imagine how beautiful the auroras are watching them in real… Don’t you have an actual video? Do they move or they stay like that for hours?

  11. mirco68 said on

    wow!! Greenland is SO far away, I feel like I’m talking to someone from another planet. I’m writing from Italy –but what difference does it make on the internet, right?! I would like very much to visit Greenland.

  12. Kalaaleq69 said on

    woow! is that right?? Yes… I am a Greenlandic person..

  13. mirco68 said on

    You’re welcome! Do you know, I’ve been viewing your video every single day since I discovered it a couple months ago. I found on wikipedia that kalaaleq means Greenlandic people. Are you a Greenlandic person?

  14. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Northern lights are so beautiful on pictures but even more spectacular in real…
    Thanks for your nice comment :o )

  15. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Thanks alot.. :o )

  16. Kalaaleq69 said on

    Thank you :o )You are so right.. about both

  17. mirco68 said on

    The images make the music even more moving, or perhaps vice versa. Just beautiful.

  18. Kazekane said on

    Phases of The Three Moons is the name of the song. The album is White Winds

  19. Kazekane said on

    I think song Arion from Andreas Vollenweider would go with this

  20. Lucerosa said on

    Amazing pictures

  21. garysam49 said on

    white winds is the name of the music

  22. jarocho7 said on

    what´s the name song? i know is andreas wollenweider but dont know the name song

  23. findpeaceofmind said on

    Thanks a million for your information and posting such a wonderful happening of mother nature. I love all music from Andreas Vollenweider.

  24. Kalaaleq69 said on

    It is very real… no cheating

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