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  • Aurora Borealis User Video from December 15 2006

    arnedani asked:

    A timelapse sequence of Aurora Borealis as seen from Vestby, Norway (N59°36’18″ E10°45’40″ A124m) on the night between December 14.-15. 2006. This 30 seconds sequence covers a timespan of 50 minutes (23:07-23:57 UTC) with 6 images pr. minute for a total of 300 images.

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24 Responses to “Aurora Borealis User Video from December 15 2006”

  1. ProjectXFingerBoards said on

    i love these sooo much….

  2. holleeeyyy said on

    this is amazing!!!

  3. comedyRACK said on

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  4. JoBroluverfan01 said on

    how do u NOT know? lol just had to say that.

  5. Thaddeus088 said on

    cosmic energy

  6. xSilverStarlightx said on

    very beautiful

  7. danfrei1234 said on

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  8. masculden said on

    Natural, wonderful lights from sky.
    truly mesmerizing.

  9. fireflyzip said on

    amazing..thanks for posting

  10. jamienole123 said on

    how do you know?

  11. there is no god

  12. it looks like the gods are playing with glow sticks

  13. xxstraightedge14xx said on

    the video was sped up

  14. omgitskali said on

    this was filmed in norway?! wow! i thought it was in alaska

  15. giselinhacrazy said on


  16. JUNKGEE83 said on

    i live in vestby but i’ve never seen it. i thougt you had to go longer to the north

  17. autoextraible said on

    What a nice video!!!! absolutely amazing, i love aurora borealis, but i will not see this never in my life unfortunately :(

  18. mayocrazy said on

    OOOHHH!! Go to the Yukon, I live here.

    Plus, the real Northern Lights are not that fast.

  19. eskercurve said on

    I have a friend who lives in Canada and she can see the Aurora Borealis at night many times. Sadly, every time I went to visit her they didn’t come up. However, one time there were very faint lights in the sky and she said they were the aurora. I didn’t know they could be understated x.x

  20. arnedani said on

    Thanks! Yes, this is shot around midnight from a residential about 40km South of Oslo (the Capital and largest city of Norway).

    Best regards,

  21. w00ts0rbet said on

    Wow, awesome! Is this filmed in the residential area at night?!

  22. JayCubez said on

    I’ve seen them in Alaska and Canada. Probably the coolest most amazing thing to see. And honestly, i’ve seen them as far down as Nebraska. (Only a dim light on the horizon)

  23. Omsfootball0692 said on

    tht shits like unreal,i never knew it looked so amazing in person

  24. kioppo said on

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