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    snooze4592 asked:

    A slide show of northern light photographs taken by me in Interior Alaska (Fairbanks and North Pole) over the last few years. Music (c)Bob Shafto

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24 Responses to “Aurora Borealis Video – Northern Lights”

  1. g4lslayer said on

    If I had on wish it would be to have infinite wishes so I could do everything I always dreamed of…

  2. theonlyextremefan said on

    I love this scenery so much!!

    For me this is #1!!

    Is it moving??

    Never see it before coz I’m from Philippines

  3. unfortanatly i cant see them cause i live down in alabama T_T

  4. hey.. I saw them a few weeks back for the first time.. it’s beyond words..

  5. alaskafilms said on

    Beautiful, Susan.

  6. purplexxxcrayon said on

    it’s so beautiful if i had one wish it would to be to see this in person before i die

  7. Tigerlil said on

    Wonderful sequence! I enjoyed this a great deal, and will come back to watch it again! Thanks! :-)

  8. PurpleChewingGum said on

    so green:X:X:X

  9. BeantownJim said on

    at 2 30 it looks like the hand of God coming down to touch someone

  10. snooze4592 said on

    Thank you so much. :)

  11. MJPAT2007 said on

    So Pretty….

  12. juankaBN said on

    esto es la polla eh!!!! bufffff impresionante!!

  13. lyricalaska said on

    I agree, loved it. We showed it to Matt and he was impressed too. He was hoping to see them when he was here. Had to disappoint him because no darkness. Can’t see them. He was astounded at no darkness LOL. He’s tolerating us.

  14. snooze4592 said on

    Thank you! I thought the music behind these photos was just perfect. :)

  15. lyricalaska said on

    Susan, as always your photography is stupendously beautiful! To know someone who is as talented as you is a privilege and an honor.

  16. hookedinc said on

    Beautiful! Saw them once and will never forget that night. Thanks for sharing.

  17. AlUrBasRBlng2Us said on

    I had friends from Alaska many years ago and I met them all in New Mexico lol. Your vid is beautiful thank you for sharing.

  18. snooze4592 said on

    I hope you do get to see it for yourself some day. It is magical!

  19. priscillacares said on

    WOW !! My dream is to one day see this for myself. Thank You for sharing. Beautiful !

  20. defossezz said on

    This is kind of off topic, but is it true that you get paid over $1000 a year for living in Alaska?

  21. snooze4592 said on

    Have fun planning your trip! Alaska is beautiful!

  22. littlebigbunny said on

    im planning on goin to alaska at the end the yr ! cant wait !

  23. theshipman said on

    So, where you from? I’m writing a story about Alaska right now. My cherictors live in Nome. How about you? I’m only asking this because I need some information about what it’s like to actually live there, and you happen to.

  24. snooze4592 said on

    My husband and I moved here with the military in 2003. He has since retired from the army and we stayed. We knew we were going to stay almost immediately. :)

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