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  • Northern Lights Clip – Aurora Borealis from Orbit on International Space Station

    From NYTIMES.COM/DOTEARTH: Astronaut Don Pettit created an astounding video using a sequence of still images he shot of the aurora borealis (northern lights) from the International Space Station. For more on Dr. Pettit and the Earth from space, visit

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  1. ipgxdtgzkfujd5 said on

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  2. drstone92 said on

    The “solar waves” don’t directly impact the atmosphere…The solar wind pumps energy into the Earth’s upper atmosphere, making it glow… Some particles from the Sun impact the upper atmosphere directly, but mostly the effect is indirect…The ISS is well inside the Earth’s magnetic field, so it’s pretty safe.

  3. Descargamx said on

    I have a doubt.
    If this solar wave hits atmosphere and creates this effect on it, how the solar radiation affects the ISS??

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  5. GabrielTalentScout said on

    Perchè non visitate e caricate i vostri video anche sul sito KICKO ? KICKO è lo youtube del calcio ;)

  6. captfalconXX said on

    Oxygen emits green, yellow or red light.
    Nitrogen gives off blue light.
    :-) Peace everyone !

  7. TimOfTwilightAndHP said on

    Beautiful ^_^

  8. Herazon said on

    That’s just incredible!!!!!

  9. killshot123 said on

    what gives it the green color?

  10. Fargus990 said on

    Nah the stars wouldnt move, they’re too far away. It’s like when you’re driving in a car and you look at the sun and clouds, they seem to be following you. It’s because they’re so far away and massive that the amout you move relative to their distance and size makes their movement unnoticable.

  11. halodude548 said on

    earth is in orbit and the stars are faraway so you cant really tell if they move much and its a serious of still images moving quickly

  12. 7updude said on

    the space station is moving

  13. SaganAppreciationSoc said on

    Nice. But why does the Earth apear to move while the stars stay on the same palce? Maybe the camera mount was moved? Still, i’d expect the stars to move.

  14. zerisha5 said on

    beautiful thats all i got to say

  15. ichsteve said on

    It’s COOL man!!!!

  16. surladoshortii said on

    I love the auroras. ^_^

  17. surladoshortii said on

    si. bueno video, :)

  18. mctribble said on

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    I can’t – you’re overseas. Didn’t you realise this? Wow, unintelligence has just evolved and is finding food on land.

  21. moneyshop16 said on

    make me motherfucker

  22. AreaQNH870 said on

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  23. jorgenavarroantonio said on

    muy chido video {
    sube otro donde des
    explicacion de las auroras boreales }
    pero en español please

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