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25 Responses to “Northern Lights – The Sky At Night – BBC Four”

  1. brokenpenguin33 said on

    to me it dosent matter who made it, because it is the most beautiful + spellbinding thing i have ever seen. i still dream of it sometimes.

  2. cutekitty69 said on

    wow! Those are so lovely! I wish I could see the northern lights for myself

  3. missyoutub3 said on

    god isnt real you LOSER!! you are stuck in the stone age babes!

  4. claudiadelpiero said on

    Oh my god this is amazing..Northern Lights are the best in this world … thank you very much .

  5. pkkmres said on

    Technical Correction(typos in previous comment): Actually there are 30,000,000 gods. So the odds for you are 1:29,999,999 (you believe in one god out of 30million) and odds for me are 30million against 0. I believe in all gods. So I have better chance. Simple probability theory.

  6. pkkmres said on

    well I believe there are 33mill gods. You are in trouble by hanging your hopes on just one god. The odds are against you 1:339999999. My odds are 33999999:33000000.

    See who is stupid now?

  7. HenazShellard said on

    St Nicolas is not a creation – he was a living man.

  8. rated1980 said on

    jaja funny.pkkmres laugh all you want but i guess when we die we will all find out the truth….

  9. They discuss that the unmarried women dies and their energy created this Aurora. This explanation is as much true as the explanation that god created it. How are the explanations different?

  10. pkkmres said on

    man SANTA is great whoa what a is what it is whether you believe it or not!!

  11. rated1980 said on

    man GOD is great whoa what a is what it is whether you believe it or not!!

  12. SCHOLLY333 said on

    everything is God’s creation. you can accept that or not.. no one cares

  13. piggot101 said on

    it’s not that, if it can’t be explained then it has to be the work of god. there were many things that couldn’t be proven in the 1800′s that were believed to be the work of god because there were no scientific explanation for it’s being, but scientists later on proved it to be fact not a relegious phenomenom, it’s just like the case of many things in the present, we just need to be patient in the explanation, it will come in due time

  14. DonHamburger said on

    I believe in god, but not your theory. Why would god waste something this cool in a place where no one can see it? And isn’t he too busy with the universe to waste time on this. Your god seems like an unproductive worker ad should be laid off.

  15. dhwgrooves said on


  16. woo 7,000 view:)

  17. footysk8guitar said on

    Neither points of view can be physcially, evidently or even phillosophically proven. All i know is that Darwins theory of evolution and the big bang theory seem far more logical and realistic. As opposed to believing that there is some godly, all mighty being which created the world and everything in it. I would rather believe in scientific evidence and realism and not what has been jotted down in a book called the bible.

  18. SandBox86 said on


  19. calypsocoffee said on

    Auroral phenomenon has never been satisfactorily expalined. The physics breaks down completely when it comes to the complex patterns observed in the magnetic flux lines immediately above the poles of the earth.

  20. daviethedrummer said on

    lol prove it

  21. sotirak1s said on

    I think it’s too slow and you will not be able to see that so clearly…

  22. sotirak1s said on

    that’s true… Why if someone cant explain something, always says that it’s god’s creation?

  23. footysk8guitar said on

    there is no god, never has been and never will be.

  24. xXPassionWolfXx said on

    i KNOW! people always try to come up with these weird explanations that make NO sense and they cant just except the truth of it! there IS a God people. deal with it.

  25. truthorbounce said on

    The ONE TRUE GOD created nature. Why do ppl insist on thinking it a strange thing when He chooses to reveal a bit of His glory in it? beautiful

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