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25 Responses to “Northern Lights Time Lapse Movie from British Columbia, Canada”

  1. IxCALV3RTxI said on

    i like weetos

  2. Zethiwag said on

    Why does your comment have thumbs down? It’s a perfectly valid and relating contribution.

  3. naydee06 said on

    fyi its solar wind.

  4. is this for real?

  5. ScumOfTheState said on

    id love to go to bc to see this myself as well im from canada to so its a possibility but right now with this wole swine flu going around id rather just stay in my own province for now:P maybe some day

  6. yathenamesraven said on

    watching this again i didn’t realize how many more shooting stars there were, it’s weird to think that they occur that often (even though some were planes)

  7. yathenamesraven said on

    I want to see this in person so bad!
    also I love the shooting star at 0:40

  8. Megadude12345 said on

    That’s so cool… but what I lreally like about this, Is:
    Since is fast forwarding, then you look at the stars, it looks like they are moving or your moving… which kinda make u feel (If you look close enough) it makes you feel like your in a big spaceship thats moving and change its angle…

  9. orkkid1 said on

    i like coco pops

  10. MellowMorpheus said on

    Awe inspiring

  11. andrewkalajesse said on

    this is the most fuckin in tense aurora i’ve seen

  12. andrewkalajesse said on

    its totally static

  13. wildonbass said on

    What did you use to capture this?

  14. FukinNamesTaken said on

    is that thunder or static from the plasma charges

  15. alwcurlz said on

    Miss seeing that in North Dakota.

  16. dertyDos said on


  17. bushdidit2u911 said on

    that is awesome! cheers!

  18. blodwen5 said on

    Totally agree! :)

  19. xmarilenakix88 said on

    wow!it is a wonderful vue!

  20. Austyn766 said on

    / \

  21. AssassinSaul said on

    / \
    this is bob copy and paste bob and he will soon take over youtube

  22. ampay4 said on

    is that in vancouver b.c.??

  23. ampay4 said on

    visible to naked eyes

  24. flmreyes said on

    is aurora really visible with our naked eyes??? or only through cameras.?

  25. electricitycomesfrom said on

    thank you god for his wonderful natural show!!!!!

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