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    raymundciesielski asked:

    I`ve never seen the Aurora Borealis live, but it must be amazing.

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23 Responses to “Northern Lights Picture Movie w Music”

  1. FARINELLI99 said on

    meraviglioso video bellissmo. una bstupenda musica grazie per il post

  2. raymundciesielski said on

    thanks you very much

  3. LaDonnaxx said on

    Very beautiful video!!

  4. tiarabozen said on

    Excellent video

  5. 0finlander0 said on

    welcome to finland.

  6. DoubleDutchBust said on


  7. metalgearsolid19 said on

    its wonderful trust me i’ve been there

  8. raymundciesielski said on

    Chicane – Saltwater.
    Watch the long and the short version of this song.
    have fun =)

  9. Alexandra363 said on

    It’d Be Awesome To Actually See It.

  10. jessemoon2000 said on

    I want this song!!!

  11. IrishvimiL009 said on

    LoL nice pics..

  12. Clicephas said on

    Too bad you can’t see the movement, it’s amazing, sometimes the light slides around the whole sky.

    One good thing about living in a god damn freezing country.

  13. CheckBestMovies said on

    / \ This is Bob, Bob will take over youtube. please copy & paste to videos

  14. ur so lucky! id kill to live there :(
    its amazing joanne lumley done a documentry on it there like curtain ends,, im planing a holiday there :)

  15. you2bmind said on

    It´s nice meditation and watch it in nature

  16. STI828 said on

    this happeans every night? or its rare and happens once a month or so

  17. muffeymom said on

    They might not be THAT amazing in north-norway, but they are that, and more , in Kodiak, AK. BEEN THERE! SEEN IT!

  18. DeViLiN888 said on

    It’s a wonderful world I live in. I hope to see Aurora one day with my own eyes. Beautiful music.

  19. kariannea said on

    it is not THAT amazing, but off course, it is beautiful. :)
    and it is not that green, or pink. its more ligth green, or white :) i think some of this pictures are edited in photoshop or something…
    i live in north-norway, so i see it every winter..
    but yea, it is beautiful =)

  20. lalachick4 said on

    Magnificent. Im actually doing a project on this phenomenon right as we speak…cant seem to find out how it is “affected by a periodic function”. frustratinggg!

  21. gbj222 said on

    We see it in Aberdeenshire. Once or twice in a decade !!

  22. Angelxonxthexwind said on

    SALTWATER – Chicane

  23. lullemans72 said on

    you can also see it by going to springfield USA, ask for seymour skinner. it is located entirely within the kitchen of his house=)

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