Northern Lights Tour and Aurora Borealis Travel Guide Guide for Northern Lights Tour – Aurora Borealis

21 Responses to “Aurora Borealis – Educational Explanation Video Clip”

  1. never ever saw the northern lights
    never ever heard of cluster flys
    never ever saw the stars at night

  2. i looks like wonderfull amazing

  3. rocstar96AQW said on

    so u mean those things are monsters?

  4. kenzz19 said on

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    /▌ Bob, will destroy all and eat your babies \ Copy And Paste Bob
    He Will Soon, Take Over Youtube

  5. comedyRACK said on

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  6. sergeantkingston said on

    It can’t damage your eyesight because it doesn’t have enough energy for that. The northern lights are fascinating.

  7. sergeantkingston said on

    Could be. I live in the Canadian Arctic and we can see them very often. Sometimes it seems that they get brighter when you watch them.

  8. upperside said on

    Can it damage your eyesight if you keep looking at it? Also, the current only inteferes with electricity, it doesn’t harm animals or humans right?

  9. deviestar said on

    the worlds best slayer husky named Talon, legend says that when he passes the “Aurora Borealis” will shine brighter then anything else

  10. Mikita12131323213 said on

    Exactly… South West…your too far to the south to see them :)

  11. keyboardfriend said on

    Lol i live in finland and dont see those..
    through i live at turku, one of southest towns in finland.

  12. The fact is that they are the Valkyries beckoning fallen warriors to Valhalla!!

  13. natzcmxvi said on


  14. lisekpl1 said on

    I just had about enough of your bullshit sir, why don’t you come down here and I’ll personally show them to you ;)

  15. feldkiste said on

    i heard of a guy whose finger shines and cures people, it must have something to do with this…
    additionally the radiation caused by the aurora borealis will shrink the balls of the poor victim believing it xD
    Ignorance for live!!

  16. kitchensink01 said on

    I agree. When I look at them, I am put into awe of this world and how amazing everything on it is.
    Truely amazing.

  17. etanoose said on

    Yes, Aurora Borealis will give you 10 types of cancer and AIDS.


  18. townshop123 said on

    its that harmful with the skin??

  19. OMFGskate4life said on

    i luv auroras…they are truly beautiful and soooo pretty

  20. Mikita12131323213 said on

    My ass… i live in Norway and i see these almost everytime i go outside… at the winter ofc

  21. machmarc said on

    is it possible to harvest this energy that she speaks of in the end of the video?

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